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situation. the puellab tribe, the port and city of tacoma and others all had a difficult dispute going on. the end result was the second largest native american land claim settlement in u.s. history. and the deal led to tremendous economic growth for the tribe, for the port, and for the surrounding communities. senator inouye, as i said, was the chairman of the select committee on indian affairs in 1980 when the puelab tribe successfully sued to assert its claim for land around its reservation, and this land included the port of tacoma, many parts of downtown tacoma, the towns of fife and puelab. and because of his strong commitment to native american rights, the puelab trusted senator inouye to serve as an intermediary between the parties involved in the negotiations and to try to resolve this dispute. he made around a dozen trips to washington state at key moments of this negotiations. if you can imagine a senator who has to represent his state, be a leader on the appropriations committee, would spend so much time on one particular dispute. during one session at a tacoma hotel, senator
's transit and port authority. >> good morning, welcome everyone to today's hearing, the challenges our region's public transit and housing base as a result superstorm sandy has been addressed -- tough morning. we started with a hearing on the loss of our ambassador from libya. those challenges, just had opening ceremony for senator o inouye line in state and now the devastation the northeast region -- has been a tough day but we appreciate our witnesses being here to shed some light and hopefully some commitment by our colleagues to meeting our challenges. as you all know sandy's destructive force overwhelmed the region particularly in new jersey and new york and the result is massive unprecedented damage, unprecedented but this was our second hurricane in two years and we expect extreme weather like this to become more common for our region. because we need to prepare for the next storm is not enough to spend our time today simply discussing how we restore our housing and transit infrastructure to their vulnerable free storm condition. in my view now is the time to determine what a
of the ports and knowing that deepening needs to be there, he's shown courage when he helped us in the fight against national labor relations board and the unions that tried to take boeing down. he has shown it with his fiscal representation and the fact that he knows the value of a dollar. of he understands what every family and small business goes through, and he has stayed consistent to that. it also shows for the fact that this man loves south carolina. and he is very aware that what he does and every vote he makes affects south carolina and affects our country. and so it was with that that i knew that he was the right person. i have no doubt that he will fly through 2014. i am strongly convinced that i and the entire state will be, the entire state understands that this is the right u.s. senator for our state and for our country. what i will also tell you, and it is very important to me as a minority female that congressman scott earned this seat. he earned in this seat for the person that he is. he earned this seat for the results he has shown. he earned this seat for what i know he's
.s., confiscated over 166,000 pounds of cocaine and secured over 472 vessels before they arrived at our ports. this legislation will give the coast guard the funds that it needs to upgrade equipment and purchase the right vessels for carrying out every mission that they need. this kind of work exemplifies the heroes like chief petty officer terrell horn of california. officer horn died in the line of duty last week while tracing drug smugglers off the coast of california. our thoughts are with his family and friends. his actions and service remind us of the danger that the task of the men and women of the coast guard do on a daily basis. and that's why it was so important that we pass this reauthorization bill. we couldn't have done this reauthorization without the many hours that senator begich put in to help it get across the finish line. and he knows how important the coast guard is to the men and women of the pacific northwest and to my state of washington. the coast guard is part of our maritime culture in the pacific northwest and this bill helps the coast guard watch over our people an
in economic activity. national security because we close the only port in the northeast that is a military port and always the commercial port when we need to in the case of emergencies. you know, i could go on and on. so mr. secretary, in your other role here, i want to get a sense from you as to the commitment of this administration and the federal government to help the new jersey, certainly new york as well in the region recover. because, you know, when we had hurricane katrina and the gold coast and mississippi and alabama and louisiana, i was spared. when we had tornadoes in joplin, missouri, i was there. what we have flooding along the mississippi, i was spared. when we had crop destructions in the midwest, i have been there because they believe this is the united states of america. so i fully expect that now for the first time we have the type of devastation that others have suffered and should understand that we are going to have the type of response others have received. further to get a sense, i know are working towards this goal, but a sense this administration has stories of s
only port to the northeast in new jersey that was a military port and now we use a commercial port in the case of emergencies. you know, and i could go on and on. so mr. secretary, in your other role here, i want to get a sense from you as to the commitments of this administration of the federal government to helping new jersey and certainly new york as well and the region, recovered. because you know, when we had hurricane katrina in the gulf coast in mississippi and alabama and louisiana, i was there. when we had tornadoes in joplin missouri, i was there. when we had flooding along the mississippi, i was there. when we had crop destruction in the midwest, i have been there because i believe this is the united states of america. and so i fully expect that now that for the first time we have a type of devastation that other should understand and we are going to have to type a response that others have to see. so i would like to get a sense of view as the type of commitment this administration has. >> senator, thank you for the eloquent remarks about this. as you know, this is a reg
in the iranian economy, with energy and shipbuilding and shipping and the ports, this amendment that would shut down businesses that are involved in sectors which fund the proliferation activities of iran, of that regime is crucial. in addition, the amendment is going to prohibit business with all designated persons connected to the iranian government. it bans trades in commodities used in these key sectors. it's designed to stop iran from busting sanctions by receiving payment in the gold or using oil payments in local currency then to buy gold. and we've got to stop an effort to water down these sanctions. i say that because i remember the votes in the past. i, i remember our effort on the central bank. it was only because we got the unanimous votes frankly, that we got so much support, that we were able to deploy those, but let me add that there is another portion of the amendment here that targets the regime for their human rights abuses. and i think one of the areas where we really have been short, for those of you who have talked, those of you who have been in the prisons there, that expe
and bridges and highways and ports and airports. that is essential to long-term economic growth. they are paid for and they are vital for that balance that we talked about all along. again, we have not seen from republicans, as we understand it, they don't agree with everything the president has put on the table, but we have not seen alternatives. they have spoken about the need for revenue, and that acknowledgment is well put. that's far from the republican leaders have been adamant that they do not believe rates are to go up on the top 2% wealthiest americans. the american people overwhelmingly disagree. what the president believes is that you cannot achieve the kind of revenue that are necessary for that balanced approach. through any other means. so rates have to rise. the best way to get from here to there. >> the rates need to rise, there is one scenario that the republicans face, they say they will extend middle-class tax rates that the president has been demanding. and that would suggest that the bush tax cuts for the rich would love to see said. and it suggests that they would leave t
and prereceiver the port -- preserve the portfolio moving forward. authorized in 1996 as a demonstration, as well, to provide a limited number of housing authorities with the statutory and relatory authority to test practices that increase cost effectiveness, reward employment, economic independence, and increase housing choices for low-income families. mtw enabled housing authorities to pioneer innovative approaches in serving homeless families, resident earnings and asset, achieving cost efficiencies, and leverages private capital. for example, home forward, known as the portland housing authority in portland, oregon, used project-based vouchers to provide houses to formally homeless veterans served by a service coordinator and services provided by the va program. flexibility allows home forward to provide security deposits to veterans using housing vouchers as well. the department has some of the most important stake holders from public housing authorities and advocacy communities able to negotiate through differences over mtw in order to advance broader section 8 reform. as the community craf
to ship -- we have to ship -- ships from other ports to go to the mediterranean to solve the problem. libya, tunisia, egypt, israel, syria, mediterranean problems that belong to the mediterranean . if we enforce our treaties with our allies we could cut our costs substantially, and this goes through all the other lines is that we have. thank you. >> the problem is that nato is an alliance that is only committed to the defense of its members. what happened in the libyan campaign was it was a coalition of the will. major nato players such as germany did not play. what really turned out to be the case is absent the united states were anything but a very small, almost counterinsurgency operations in places like sierra leone ore and liberia, nato cannot really deploy and operate. it does not have the capabilities. it does not have the specialized systems like air refueling tankers and all that. the u.s. at to provide most of the curls -- cruise missiles and after a few is most of the air to ground bonds. and so even if you were to say that we're going to renegotiate the treaty to it's goi
of the bridge port indian colony. the presiding officer: is there okay? without objection. mr. reid: mr. president, i ask the bill be read a third time, passed, the motion to reconsider be considered made and laid on the table, that there be no intervening action or debate, that any statements relating to this be placed in the record at the appropriate place as if read. the presiding officer: without objection, so ordered. mr. reid: i now ask unanimous consent the homeland security and government affairs committee be discharged from further consideration of s. 3564. the presiding officer: the clerk will report. the clerk: s. 3564, a bill to extend the public interest declassification act of 2000 until 2018, and for other purposes. the presiding officer: without objection, the committee is discharged. mr. reid: mr. president, i ask unanimous consent -- the presiding officer: and the senate will proceed on the matter. mr. reid: great. thank you. i ask consent that the lieberman substitute amendment be agreed to, the bill be amended -- as amended be read three times and passed, the lieberm
to the commonwealth of virginia as far as attracting businesses and hampton roads we've got the largest deepwater port on the east coast the panama canal and the changes coming soon it brings commerce into virginia we are building our railroad system growing from the part of virginia west triet we just announced that we are building and other highway and there will be told access highway and the purpose of that highway is to bring chuck trafficking to read the part of virginia in land and connect directly with interstate 95 to bring in the newcomers and the commonwealth of virginia attention something that has been taboo as of late and the governor isn't ashamed as a fact we've taken for the advantage of its and we've discussed earlier that is a sentence to the business. the governor has put additional resources into our virginia economic development partnership and he has at his disposal to encourage the business to come to virginia and also the resources to build up infrastructure that we need to do in virginia. there was a piece in "the new york times" recently that criticized the use of that. but
, the ports and bridges and trains that would have been less safe had he not been there to move legislation that strengthened them. but danny will be remembered far beyond his many tangible achievements. he will live on through the values that he embodied and spread, through the principles he stood up for and shared, through his family who loved him dearly, through the people who will never forget his advocacy, through the country he sacrificed so much for, and of course through all of us who are forever better simply for having served with the greatest senator of all, senator dan inouye. thank you, mr. president. i yield the floor. mr. president. mr. president, before i yield the floor, i would ask unanimous consent for -- i have four unanimous consent requests for committees to meet during today's session of the senate. they have the approval of the majority and minority leaders, and i ask unanimous consent these requests be agreed to and be printed in the record. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. murray: thank you, mr. president. i do yield the floor. mr. isakson: mr. presid
sanctions on iran. the iran sanctions provisions will designate certain persons in iran's energy port shipping and shipbuilding sectors as entities of proliferation concerns, summing many more transactions to sanctions. it will impose sanctions on persons selling or diverting to iran a defined list of materials relevant to the aforementioned sectors, to certain iranians especially designated nationals or blocked persons. who are to be used in connection with certain iranian military programs. it's going to impose sanctions on any insurance or reinsurance provider or underwriter that knowingly provides underwriting service or insurance for activities for which sanctions have been imposed to any person in the energy, shipping, or shipbuilding sector in iran. it will ?aitd the iran as human rights abusers for their broadcasting of forced confessions and show trials, blocking their assets and prevent ago entities from doing business with them and banning any travel to the united states. the administration requested three modifications, in particular one was additional time to implement th
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14